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Editorial Policies

Peer Review Process

Technical review

Once a manuscript has been submitted to the journal, it is assigned to a member of the JEPS Editorial Team (an Editor) who oversees it throughout the entire publication process. The Editor starts by initiating the technical review phase. During the technical review, the Editor verifies that the manuscript strictly adheres to the JEPS submission guidelines. Furthermore, the manuscript is checked for plagiarism using specialised software. The Editor informs the author of any modifications that must be undertaken before the manuscript can move on to the content review phase.

As a student journal, JEPS provides authors with detailed feedback. Authors are required to make all modifications themselves, which enables them to learn as much as possible from the publishing experience.

Peer Review

Almost all submitted manuscripts are sent out to peer-review. Manuscripts not adhering to our Author guidelines will however not be considered. 

Peer review is overseen by one of JEPS’ Associate Editors. The Associate Editor assigns the manuscript to several Reviewers, reviews it himself/herself, and makes an editorial decision based on the recommendations of the Reviewers together with their own review. Reviewers must at least hold a PhD. The Editorial Decision lies with the Associate Editor. Please find here our Review Guidelines.

It is possible for authors to suggest (non-)desired reviewers in the cover letter.


Copyeditors are native English speakers and students or PhD candidates in psychology, whose task it is to improve the manuscript in terms of grammar and syntax in order to ensure that the paper reads as well as possible.

Layout editing

Layout editing consists of taking the final copyedited submission and creating HTML or PDF files, known as galleys, which will be published by JEPS. Ubiquity Press, JEPS' publisher, performs the layout editing.


Proofreading is the last stage before publication. The manuscript is checked for inaccuracies that may previously have escaped the eye by the author and a Proof Reader. Proof Readers in JEPS are native English speaking students or PhD candidates.


JEPS has adopted a continuous online publication model that ensures that articles are published online without delay, as opposed to being published in a yearly issue. Articles published within a given year are bound to the same volume number.


Section Policies

Research Article

  • Open Submissions
  • Indexed
  • Peer Reviewed

Literature Review

  • Open Submissions
  • Indexed
  • Peer Reviewed

Registered Report

  • Open Submissions
  • Indexed
  • Peer Reviewed

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