Letter from the editors

Dear reader,

We are proud and happy to share the first issue ever of Journal of European Psychology Students with you. We know that EFPSA has been eagerly awaiting JEPS ever since the first idea of publishing a students’ journal was born. The first issue is now online! This issue’s content comprises 6 articles by students and the first article on Psychology Education in Europe.

We wish to thank all the authors submittingmanuscripts for JEPS’ first issue and would be glad to cooperate with all of them in the future. We wish to thank our Scientific Committee for their invaluable comments on the articles. We have two separate scientific committees: one comprised of PhD students and the other of professors. We would also like to thank the amazing EFPSA family who have made this project come true. EFPSA Board of Management, Executive Board and National Representatives have worked together, helped us and believed in us despite the difficulties we have faced and the breakdowns we have gone through. Thank you for encouraging us!

We would like to make one thing clear; JEPS is the EFPSA family’s and all psychology students’ journal. It is YOU that have created this journal and YOU who have brought it to reality. We hope that JEPS is going to be a long-lasting journal walking on the path of professionalization. We see it as the first step - for us and all the students contributing to it -, a step before the professional life.

The selection of the articles has been difficult for us as we did not want to discourage students to submit their manuscripts. Yet, JEPS is a platform where students can share and/or learn about other students’ research ideas and practices. This is why we favour articles that are creative, inspiring and well-structured. Although JEPS is a students’ journal, not a professional one, our goal is and has been to create and run a unique, high quality journal. We ask you to read JEPS, enjoy and benefit from it. Futhermore, we welcome your criticism and feedback. It is of utmost importance to us to hear your comments on our first issue which will help us improve JEPS in the future.

Once again, we would like to thank all the people that have contributed to JEPS during the process. We are happy and excited to see the first results of our project and look forward to hearing your comments.

JEPS Editorial Team