European Summer School—what is it?

European Summer School—what is it?

JEPS offers you an excellent opportunity to publish your research, and does EFPSA provide you an opportunity to conduct a research? Yes, EFPSA does! In the family of Research Network, JEPS has a sibling, who is called the EFPSA European Summer School (ESS).

EFPSA ESS is a week-long scientific event that offers Psychology students in Europe a unique opportunity of designing and conducting crosscultural research, and meeting Psychologists who have the similar research interests. It consists of practical and theoretical parts. For the theoretical part, top academicians are invited to present lectures and seminars. For the practical part, six research groups are led by six PhD students to conduct cross-cultural research with the aim of publishing in international journals. This event is in a smaller scale than the EFPSA congress. Only thirty students across Europe will be selected and therefore, students get to know each other more intimately.

EFPSA ESS was first launched in August 2007 in Leie, Estonia, with the topic of “Cross-cultural Psychology”, and has been a great success ever since. Between 13th and 20th July, 2008, the second ESS was held in Dolný Kubín, Slovakia with the topic of “Psychology of Art”. In the theoretical part, Professor Nick Wade from University of Dundee, Scotland, who is an expert on visual perception, Professor Hans Henrik Knoop, University of Aarhus, Denmark, whose expertise is creativity and Psychology, and Professor Jaan Ross from University of Tartu, Estonia, whose expertise is music and Psychology were invited to present lectures and seminars. In the practical part, five young PhDs and PhD students were invited to lead the research groups. Within the week, each group worked on designing a different research project. Groups covered cross-cultural research methodologies and elaborated on one specific research theme. During the afternoon sessions the groups decided 2 of 2 European Summer School EFPSA, 8/9/2009 upon the post-summer school collaboration, especially data collection and analysis. The final objective of the group-work is to issue a publication in a peer-reviewed journal with the PhD student as the first author.

This year, with the topic of “Social Inequalities”, it will be held between 19th and 26th July, 2009 in Arcalia, Romania. Dr. David Harper from University of East London, England, Dr. Larisa Buhin from Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA and Dr. Adrian Opre from Babes-Bolyai University, Romania will present lectures and seminars to 30 carefully selected students. There are six research groups and the topics are School inequalities, Human rights in mental health, perceived fairness in relationships, The psychological reactions and danger appraisals towards terrorism from different countries, Democratic system justification from psychological perspective and Social inequality of people isolated from society due to different forms of therapies, treatment or resocialisation . Apart from the scientific programme, EFPSA ESS is also a place where socializing is very important, especially through cultural evening, social excursion, parties and many more surprises to ensure you having the greatest summer ever! So join us and be part of our motto: work hard, party even harder!

If you would like the next EFPSA ESS be held in your country, why not apply to be the next host country organiser? The EFPSA ESS team will assist you throughout the process. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at:

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