We are delighted to bring you the second Journal of European Psychology Students Special Edition of the Work in Progress (WiP) reports of the Junior Researcher Programme (JRP). For those reading the special edition for the first time, the JRP-JEPS partnership was established to ensure visibility of methods used in JRP projects. Doing this enables us to combine the main aim of JEPS - providing students the opportunity to publish their work - and of the JRP - increasing information on how students can conduct high quality research even with limited resources and other priorities regarding their studies. We are ecstatic to report as well that a paper on the potential of this type of partnership has also been published by The Lancet Global Health1 as a possible approach to be used by other research groups.

The JRP was established in 2011 as an official EFPSA service, beginning with the European Summer School and followed by a 13-month calendar. Six research groups that are initiated via the ESS submit the WiPs of their research to JEPS. The WiPs are short methodology papers that outline the steps undertaken by research groups in developing and carrying out a research project in the context of low-resource, independent, student-driven, cross-cultural research. In line with the JEPS standard, all WiPs were subject to a peer-review process with specially selected Associate Editors and two independent Reviewers per manuscript. The first special edition was released less than one year ago.

The 2013–2014 cohort was inducted into the JRP at the European Summer School 2013, held in the Remersdaal Castle, Voeren, Belgium. The theme of the cohort is Psychology and Well-being Research, reflecting the growing body of work demonstrating the importance of well-being for mental health. In addition, well-being research is more and more expanding into government policy, the workplace and social research. At the time of release (April 2014), groups are presenting their WiP reports at the XXVIII EFPSA Congress, in Oradea, Romania. In August, these groups will present their completed projects at the 2014 JRP Conference at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, England.

As ever, we endeavour to bring visibility to high-quality projects that demonstrate the potential of student-driven research. Furthermore, JRP provides a hands-on learning experience for all students, Supervisors and Programme Officers involved.

We wish to thank the many supporters of this partnership, especially Mr Ladislav Záliš, Prof Felicia Huppert, Dr Sam Norton, and the JEPS Editorial Team. We enthusiastically invite you to read this second version of the Special Edition of Work in Progress papers of the Junior Researcher Programme in the Journal of European Psychology Students.

Ezra Bottequin

Editor-in-Chief, JEPS, University of Geneva

Marike Deutz

Research Officer, JRP, Utrecht University

Kai Ruggeri

Director, JRP, University of Cambridge