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Reading: Effective enhancement of attentional functions in the amblyopic brain


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Literature Review

Effective enhancement of attentional functions in the amblyopic brain


Lukas Muttenthaler

University of Copenhagen, AT
About Lukas
I am currently reading IT and Cognition as a master's student at the University of Copenhagen with an emphasis on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Natural Language Processing.  I am keen on immersing myelf further into the connected realms of computational neuroscience and data science.
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This review endeavored to investigate whether patients who suffer from amblyopia show impairments in attentional functions and whether video games are appropriate to enhance attention. Results of all investigated studies revealed that patients with amblyopia show deficient performance in tasks which measure spatial or temporal attention. Furthermore, numerous studies highlighted that video games foster the enhancement of visual attention in subjects with normal vision. Accordingly, video games appear to be suitable to treat deficits in high-level visual abilities. High-level visual abilities encompass the entire variety of attentional functions. However, there are only a few studies to date which investigated whether video games advance visual attention in patients with amblyopia. Thus, we cannot draw a thorough, evidence-based conclusion but encourage others to conduct studies which examine the latter.
How to Cite: Muttenthaler, L., 2019. Effective enhancement of attentional functions in the amblyopic brain. Journal of European Psychology Students, 10(1), pp.1–10. DOI:
Published on 15 Jan 2019.
Peer Reviewed


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