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Reading: An Investigation into Trauma, Active Coping and Depression


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An Investigation into Trauma, Active Coping and Depression


Rebecca Jade Clift ,

University of Derby, GB
About Rebecca
Rebecca completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Derby in 2018. Currently she is studying for her masters in Health Psychology at the University of Nottingham.
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Frances Maratos

University of Derby, GB
About Frances
Frances Maratos is Associate Professor/Reader in Emotion Science at the University of Derby. Her research is centred on understanding psychological, neurological, cognitive and physiological correlates of emotional well-being, with a specific focus on understanding threat-processing and emotion-regulation. She has published near on 30 papers in these specific areas, as well as a number of book chapters. In recent years she has also become a key individual within the compassion in schools movement, helping initiate and progress associated international research programmes.
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In this research, the relationship between post-traumatic stress symptomology and depression, time of trauma (childhood or adulthood), type of trauma (sexual, physical or emotional), and current active coping level were investigated.  Participants completed online versions of the Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist, Coping Self-Efficacy Scale and questions related to time and type of trauma. Multiple regression revealed active coping and post-traumatic stress symptomology were significant predictors of depressive symptomology, accounting for around half of the variance. No significant main or interaction effects were found between time and type of trauma and depressive symptomology. It was concluded that trauma symptomology and active coping may be useful when identifying those most at risk of developing depressive symptomology.

How to Cite: Clift, R.J. and Maratos, F., 2020. An Investigation into Trauma, Active Coping and Depression. Journal of European Psychology Students, 11(1), pp.21–31. DOI:
Published on 18 Aug 2020.
Peer Reviewed


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